2 Sim EP - Duval Timothy

Carrying Colour is proud to present the new EP by Duval Timothy. The 4-track project was created in Freetown, Sierra Leone and London, UK. It features field recordings and interviews with Duval's friends and family conducted in West-Africa.

The title '2 Sim' is a local phrase uses a metaphor of a mobile phone with two sim cards to describe a person of dual nationality or heritage.

 Listen here: https://song.link/album/i/1410479924 

'2 Sim'

Additional guitar by Arthur Timothy

Vocal recordings/interviews with (in order of appearance): Geoffrey Awoonor-Renner, Arthur Timothy, Folayemi Brown, Dominic Hope, Henry Jay Kamara, Elkanah Coker, Ibiye Camp, Daniel & Valentine Coker, Sydney Timothy Nichols, Duval Timothy


'Botany RD'

Vocals: Sydney Timothy Nichols, John (Soja) Sesay, Julius


'All Things'

Vocals: Sia Williams, Ruth Kamara, Sydney Nichols, John (Soja) Sesay, Harriett Grace (Pineapple) Williams


'First Rain'

Vocals: Daniel & Valentine Coker


2 Sim - Duval Timothy

2 Sim Credits - Duval Timothy

All music composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Duval Timothy